Product Strategy and Product Management in New York

Ayalla Barazany is the Vice President of Product at Complex. She is a web and mobile specialist with over 10 years of experience bringing a passion for new product incubation, user experience and emerging technologies. Ayalla joined Complex in 2013 to define and lead the product management and UX design functions, building a team of product managers and UX designers; focusing on building and innovating the consumer-facing digital experiences ( and owned & operated), launching new products across emerging social, video, content, content, and messaging platforms as well as optimizing and scaling the video and content publishing platforms.

Prior to joining Complex, Ayalla was the Director of Product at the Travora Media, a leading vertical travel media company. Previously, she held product and marketing positions at Time Out New York, Kasamba, and LivePerson, Inc. Ayalla leveraged her entrepreneurial passion and spirit towards the growth of the Tel-Aviv-based internet startup, Kasamba, to its acquisition by LivePerson. Ayalla holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications & Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Bar Ilan University.

  • Education
    • University of Michigan
    • Bar-Ilan University