Ayana Ajavon-Akhl

So Here we go again.

So as I was saying in the previous description, I am not really too keen in talking about myself or identifying myself.

To make it short this time, the first thing you have to know about me is that I was born in Togo, a small country in West Africa. My mother is a proud Togolese woman and my father is French with Beninese origins. Although I have predominantly been raise in French culture, I have a lot of influences from Togo. I was raised there and lived there for 18 years.

On my papers, I am French. In my heart I am Togolese and in my mind, I am a citizen of the world. I speak fluently four languages: French, Mina (My mother's tongue), English and Spanish.

I studied comparative literature while in France and now I am leaving and working in England.

I will mainly now focus on this blog, my jobs here and there and my on writing.