Hello there! Here's some things to know about me before following

I am panromantic homosexual and I go by she/her pronouns

I have misophonia and another disorder although it is self diagnosed so I'm not going to say it for sure

My personality type is INFJ and I am a neutral good

I cosplay sometimes but I kind of suck aha

Please don't follow if you are transphobic/homophobic/racist

Right now I'm in to Haikyuu, Evangelion, Danganronpa, Love Live, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Owari no Seraph, Battle Girl Highschool, and some more

Main kins (please don't follow if you kin/strongly ID with this person): Rei Ayanami

Primary (it's alright to follow but I do identify with): Kiyoko Shimizu, Sonia Nevermind, Narumi Haruka

Aand that's it! If you ever want to dm me about something, I'm totally cool with that. I also love making friends although I'm annoyingly shy. Thank you for reading! Have a good day/night!