Aya Natividad

My name is Yara. Though people usually call me Aya, instead. I have no idea where did this "Aya" originally came from but I started calling myself that as well. I'm turning 15 this May 15th. Yep. I like the color Blue and Pink. I get attached to people easily, and I like writing my own songs and poems and stories and stuff. I cuss a lot. Trust me, I really do. And no matter how hard I force myself not to cuss and curse, I always end up doing worse. I am very sensitive. I suck at introductions so I just type anything that pops through my mind. I suck at Math though I love it. I find Science boring and I am hungry almost all the time. I'm moody, even if I'm not on my monthly torture. I cannot play the guitar though I'm dying to learn how. I have multiple crushes, multiple enemies, and a few friends. I get hurt easily. I cry a lot. And I am one huge drama queen. I really don't know what to say so... Yeah.