Ayanda Ngema

Writer, Entrepreneur, and Graphic Designer in Johannesburg, South Africa

Ayanda Ngema

Writer, Entrepreneur, and Graphic Designer in Johannesburg, South Africa

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As an ambitious professional and multifaceted individual, I thrive at the intersection of intellectual challenges and cultural uncertainty. In my personal life I'm also a graphic designer, a gardener, affiliated marketer, wine lover, afro hair blogger, thoughtful writer and the World's Greatest Mom!

As a human I have been rejected by friends & family, abused, homeless, judged, failed, struggled, looked down upon and considered invaluable financially, intellectually and spiritually.

When I finished high school I went to study CA(SA) at the University of Johannesburg. In the gist of my University months, I realised that the people I had asked to assist me with paying my fees were not going to fulfill their promises. I dropped out in the 2nd semester.

The unfortunate happened, moved from job to job, got into a toxic & abusive relationship where I lost my first baby 'cause of his physical abuse. The relationship ended when I was 7months pregnant with our second child.

Found myself homeless and moved to Frida Hartely Shelter for destitute women and children soon after giving birth. This was where my life turned for the better through countless psychological help, spiritual councelling and emotional counselling.

I started over, forgave, changed my mindset, got into a beautiful relation with our Creator who breathes love and is LOVE, built my confidence, became a great mother, loved, and thrived to become a better version of myself. And I learned how one decision can impact your life & CHANGE can set you FREE.

Today, I'm happily engaged. A mother of two handsome boys. Founder of The Girl That Brands and an author of They Raped Me: So, Now What? My first book in the journey of many others that will follow after.

It's such a great time to be an African Women because people are already underestimating you.

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