Ayanna Nahmias

Editor, Public Speaker, and Writer in Washington, DC

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Ayanna S. Nahmias, a woman of endurance and resilience. Born in Florida, raised in Nigeria and Tanzania, my life has been an epic adventure segregated by oceans of time, continental divides and three Abrahamic religions.

Editor-in-Chief of the internationally followed Nahmias Cipher Report which features articles written by staff writers and contributors who are passionate about international affairs and human rights. Through the website, she invites readers to explore and discuss current events in emerging economies, international politics, human rights abuses, women’s rights, child advocacy, and religion.

Her determination to transcend her past and achieve wholeness led Ayanna to publish The Nahmias Cipher Report to inform and give hope to people who themselves may be facing repressive situations. The Report strives to present a balanced approach to news in a world in which divergent ideologies and extreme xenophobia have become the norm. From religious intolerance to the battle between East and West; the Report seeks to give voice to the citizenry who have become collateral damage in global conflicts around the world.