Ayanna T. Harris

Ayanna T. Harris

Inside the mind of this young woman exists a harmonic cacophony of creative ideas waiting to be cast amongst the world.

The Pennsylvania State University provided Ayanna with a large and diverse learning atmosphere which allowed her to hone her skills in several different areas. In the year 2013, she received her Bachelor or Arts Degree in Advertising/Public Relations, while additionally completing a Spanish Minor and extensive course work in Dance.

Determined to maximize her college experience, Ayanna was also very active in several extracurricular activities that provided leadership experience. She held influential Executive Board positions for several Penn State student-run organizations including Urban Dance Troupe, The Multicultural Women’s Forum, and Open Music, Inspirations, and Concepts (also known as Open M.I.C.). Furthermore, as a senior, Ayanna took on the quintessential para-professional role of Resident Assistant where she oversaw more than eighty residents daily. Each one of these experiences provided an outlet to affect change while placing emphasis on the intersection between business, diversity, and community enrichment, three areas in which Ayanna is passionate.

Now, life as a post-graduate has meant striving to build the skills necessary to become a powerful business-woman in the professional world. She has aspirations of entrepreneurship and has already experimented with the creation and promotion of her own brand, Aya Bella Flor (ABF) Performing Arts which has been in existence for almost two years. With more original ideas still under wraps, Ayanna hopes the combination of her imagination, dedication, and education will generate a community platform that will assist diverse creatives worldwide.

  • Education
    • Penn State University