Ayat Tawel

I'm an EFL teacher from Giza, Egypt. I have been teaching all age groups and levels for more than 10 years. My main interests are online teaching and learning and enhancing creativity in the classroom.

Since I joined Baw11, one of Evo session in 2011, my life has changed alot. I have made lots of friends worldwide. I have explored lots of web tools which have enriched my teaching practice and my students' learning experience as well. It was not just a 5 weeks course, it was the starting point of a life-long journey of self study and professional development.

Joining Baw2012 as a co-mod this year and other EVO sessions , as Classdigitools, as a participant shows how I have developed professionally and how a self-study journey will never end !! Hope you have felt how much I'm enjoying every moment in EVO and after EVO !! Thanks all webheads!!