Aya Walksfar

Beneath the shadow of White Horse Mountain

Born in a rougher section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aya's illiterate grandfather and nearly-illiterate grandmother conspired to teach her to read and write by age 6, and succeeded with the help of a Carnegie librarian.

Since then writing has been Aya's all consuming passion. She says, "Words give us wings to soar above our circumstances, no matter how violent or poverty-stricken."

Aya wakes up in the middle of the night having conversations with her characters. (Only an author can say that and not be chased by men in white suits with butterfly nets!) She takes photos that she posts on Pinterest of places her characters have been, their hometowns, where they vacation, where they are pulled during the course of a case. She interviews her characters, and posts those interviews on her blog. She asks them to explain who they are, and why. And when a character becomes an intimate acquaintance and insists on being heard, Aya writes the novel.

"I became a writer because I want to share the magic of words. "

Once the novel is written, edited and published, she makes a commitment to her readers: “I have created women and men you will never forget; people you will laugh and cry with. I have written a great story for your enjoyment. I will appreciate and listen to your feedback, both positive and critical. I appreciate you, my reader.”

Aya draws from a vast array of experiences. She has represented people in committee hearings in front of members of the House of Representatives of California; she has lived on the road and eaten at soup kitchens; she has farmed, been a mechanic, worked in construction, been a waitress; she has been a personal guard for children who were under threats of violence.

Aya is passionate about changing the image of women in the media. "It is time for women to read about strong women who positively impact their worlds; who are the rescuers, rather than being the ones who must be rescued. This is why I write books with strong female characters, and caring, strong male characters."

In 2013, Aya published three books.

Sketch of a Murder, Book 1, Special Crimes Team: Misfits and loners, this team has to stop The Avenger.

Good Intentions, winner of Alice B. Reader Award 2002: Bev Ransom has a secret; so do the rest of her family.

Dead Men and Cats, novella: What do the dead men and the dead cats have in common?

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