A.Yvonne Barrett

Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

Hi I’m Yvonne
and as a former Journalism major, I have always been interested in how people communicate and how things get done.

Editing has been the underlying theme of my professional life. After working many years behind the scenes in the broadcasting industry at a CBS radio affiliate WCCO 830, editing the on-air messaging, it was not a difficult transition into the business world as a support professional to edit and produce all manner of business documents. I am organized when it comes to projects and tasks that others struggle with. I get things done.

I firmly enjoy being around “Big Thinkers” to inspire my ideas and thoughts. However, when it comes to getting the job done, I am the one planning, executing and finalizing the projects.

In my role at a national non-profit as Administrative Supervisor, I oversaw the day–to day workings of the agency. Newsletters, brochures, event mailings, annual donor campaigns are just a few of the projects I’ve coordinated.

Most recently I’ve worked with talented graphic artists and copywriters to produce print materials for a treasured state institution-the Minnesota History Center; a repository of all things great in Minnesota and a primary resource for collecting, preserving and sharing our stories.

My goal is to facilitate, productivity, efficiency and creativity. I am not good with ineptitude and inefficiencies cloaked in the guise of innovation.

I also am interested in technology, mobile computing and all manner of gadgets. Gadgets - not just for gadget sakes, but for actually getting work done. Usability is the key.

Get the message out; as clear and as fast as possible.

The world is full of all kinds of, perspectives, people and problems. Let me help you with yours.

When not using my detail and organizing skills for professional purposes–I can be found indulging my love of jewelry with my fledgling beading business. When the cacophony, chaos and confusion, of the world start to creep in, I go exploring along the pathways and parkways throughout all of Minnesota.

  • Education
    • University of Minnesota -Twin Cities Campus