Ayden Jacob

NEUROSCIENTIST and BIOENGINEER in Los Angeles, California

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The art of medicine is exclusively exposed through its inherent interdisciplinary nature. The physician of the future holds the honorable responsibility of bridging the gap between the distant worlds of medical innovation, healthcare affordability and clinical practice. A physician of the future constantly searchers for answers through an interdisciplinary approach involving engineers, economists and scientists. Temple designed its curriculum such that the student body is urged to evolve into what the future needs, building doctors from the ground up with a fundamental understanding of what our communities will require. My intense passion for propelling the progress of medical therapies has lead me on a fruitful journey throughout the world. Through completing my Masters in Translational Medicine and Bioengineering at UCSF, I learned how to connect bioethics, healthcare finance and medical economics with healthcare delivery and clinical medicine. In essence, I have learned how to connect the laboratory bench to the bedside of the patient. It is clear to me that because we live in such a technologically advanced era, we simultaneously hold the noble responsibility of acting altruistically to translate technology into better medical practice. Three domains will shape the future of healthcare: economics, medicine and technology. My utmost passion rests in connecting these elements to work in a complementary fashion. The incorporation of novel medical interventions plays a critical role in the evolution of medicine. Technological advancements in the healthcare industry are not only catalyzing physicians to treat their patients differently, but more importantly, it is generating a paradigm shift in how physicians think. At this particular time, when healthcare policy is undergoing a transformation, it is invigorating to work on projects that circumvent the future problems which will face physicians.

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