Ayden Hector Stanford

Student in Yarrow Point, WA

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Ayden's commitment continues. He's passionately engaged with Pick 6, an organization with a mission beyond just teaching flag football. Their aim? To instill leadership qualities, promote healthy lifestyles, and bolster self-assuredness in youngsters. Further enriching his community service profile, he stands with Relay for Life, raising funds in the battle against cancer, and works hand-in-hand with Tent City, reaching out to those without homes.

The community has been aware of his consistent efforts. His nomination for the "Man of the Year" award by the All-American Bowl celebrates his undying spirit to serve, particularly highlighting his endeavors through B—Box, which has significantly impacted the homeless youth.

Amidst his packed schedule, Stanford finds solace in Life's simpler joys. He cherishes moments spent with loved ones, delving into outdoor excursions that resonate with his soul. Whether carving paths on snowy slopes in winter or water skiing on a sunlit lake in summer, he revels in the thrill. His affinity for basketball is another outlet for his unyielding energy.

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