Ally BEA

New Orleans

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Nine years a DJ.

Music lover her whole life.

Alexandria "DJ ally BEA" Bellvie is ready for your ears, seamlessly transition from classic hip-hop to EDM to Pop to Reggae to Country to Spanish music. She takes pride in being able to blend the familiar with the new & unexpected, an example of her expansive tastes in any genre.

Growing up in New Orleans' 7th Ward, Ally came across her uncle's DJ equipment as a kid. After watching him spin a few parties, she wanted in. It wasn't until a pivotal moment in her hip-hop life, the release of DMX's classic It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, did she truly fall in love with rap. She traces the confidence she needed to take the leap into being a DJ to how that album made her feel; Strong. Confident. Focused.

DJ Ally Bea has been making moves in New Orleans for over a decade now. She started as an intern for DJ Raj Smoove, owned an award-winning blog: aYe LIFEstyle, host & produces her own radio show (The BEAtle Juice Show) before gradually deciding to hop on the decks herself and become the DJ she wanted to hear. Taking the experience, she gained as an intern she sharpened her skills and showcased her growth with The 30|31 Project before becoming a staple in New Orleans nightlife and a member of the legendary Psycho Ward DJ crew.

Ally continues to remain committed to getting better each time she touches the turntables all while creating a safe space for everyone thru music. It is this commitment has landed DJ ally BEA a well-rounded resume. She has been the DJ for the Vegan Soul Festival, Essence Festival in 2019, Bayou Battle Rap League, NOLA Zydeco Festival (2yrs) and the Pussyfooter’s Blushball (3yrs).

During the Pandemic Ally continued her mission to create fun spaces for her fan base, the Juice SQAD. Weezy Wednesdays was created in March 2020 & has become a staple in Ally’s brand. This fun, energetic, sometimes interactive live has become much more than playing “Lil Wayne songs” she has managed to create a space for her SQAD to escape from the stresses of life.

Currently Ally is the resident DJ for Dawn Richard’s Vegan Pop Up, Papa Ted’s and the University of New Orleans Basketball team. She also hosts her own Party Series, Project Vibe at various locations in N.O

With a deep love of music, her New Orleans upbringing, and the art of deejaying, she looks to take the next step in elevating herself, elevating the culture, and controlling the crowd.

DJ ally BEA aka Litty Kitty is here to stay.