A Year Unwrapped

Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Sarah and this year I have decided to give up all packaged food for one year. The irony behind this project is that I work full-time as a Brand Manager at one of the world's largest packaged food companies - and I've worked there just long enough to become disillusioned by the packaged food industry: the things we do to the food, the lies we let our consumers believe, and most of all, the lies we let ourselves believe.

In this blog, you'll find recipes that require no packaged food (but maybe just a little extra elbow grease), recipes that replace some of your favorite packaged foods (english muffins!), and a few tid-bits here and there of anecdotes from my life in the packaged food industry.

What you won't find are foods that require a lot of fancy equipment to make (I still spend most of my money on travel, not at William & Sonomoa), long diatribes against my industry or my company (I don't actually hate my job - I just question whether our industry is adding value to the world), or the opinions of an expert - I'm definitely not an expert, if anything am probably the least-prepared person to ever take on such an endeavor, and I partly started this blog as a way to get your tips, suggestions, ideas, and moral support

As you may have guessed, my real name is most definitely not Sarah - but it's a nice name, right? In an effort to stay anonymous, I'll keep my real name, my location, and my company a secret - because I cannot be viewed as speaking on behalf of my company or my industry. But everything else, like how badly I messed up that tortilla chip recipe the first time, the little exception I made that i was hoping you wouldn't notice, or that time I totally break down and buy & eat an entire bag of Peanut M&Ms, is an open book. 'Sarah' is the only lie I'll tell here.