Carlynn Bondrik

Who is Carlynn?

Carlynn is. Girl who loves to play volleyball, has a passion for music and art, and loves to herself and be happy for the rest of her life. Although theres the bads that come in and intersects with the goods, she finds a way to get that bad outta the way. You wanna know why? Its because she ain't got time for that! Lol. But the thing here is she...even if shes neglected her Bible and has failed God many times and always find a way to come up with excuses to run away from God or just to not seek God, she still loves Him, no matter what! God, well He...He is her true friend...her only friend...her best friend. And theres nothing more she could need, be more thankful of but this. She is blessed. Knowing that God loves her, she now has to find her way back to Christ. She feels it is right and she will; not for her own good but to others surrounding her as well.