Mariel Verano

ME?! Just an unpopular author in Wattpad. One awesome fan of Taylor Swift. And, oh! I'm a fan of Girl's Generation too! My favorite there is Yoona and Jessicaaaa~ Anyways, I am a gamer. I'm addicted to such games like, Tekken, Final Fantasy, and THE THIRD BIRTHDAY! Yeah, you know Aya Brea there? Yes, i'm her sister in ONE SECOND :)) Whatever:)) About my attitude, hmm, I really look like MEAN, SNOB and IGNORANT but I'm not! I'm hyper, especially when I'm with my friends, And KINDA talkative :) is it really Kinda?.... Well, KINDA :)) hahahaha kinda cheerful, and half-optemist ang half-pessimist chick. THAT'S ALL! ♥