Ayelen Sabin Paz


...It was then I understood, when one horse invited me to swimming on the sea, that the magic of life was in the meetings with the mysticism of the world, in direct connection with nature... Being part of the green forest on horseback, exploring the vast sea where the secret of our origins. Conscious breathing, in the power of rigth now.

I invite you, Diving friends and Horseback accompany to dive into the magic of my experience with diving and the horses world.


I am a trained PADI Instructor and I recently became Technical Diving Instructor PADI in The Dive Station (Orlando, FL). My immediate goal is to actively teach scuba diving in addition to continuing my studies in subaquatic research.

I have over five years experience in the business of recreational diving at several international destinations. (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Italy, Usa, Cuba, Netherlands Antilles).

I'm bilingual in Spanish / Italian and speak fluent English. I am a proactive person, with good communication skills, responsible and interested in teaching SCUBA.

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    • Diving Instructor