Ariel "Ayee" Hugo

My name is Ariel. I’m the Programming, Production & Studio operations Director of Xone Fm, the hottest fm music station in Vietnam by day, a learning remix mash up enthusiast during my rest day. A house DJ of my own crib.

Remixing and Mixing or mashing is not my cup of tea, its just a past time hobby to get rid of boredom. That’s what I get working in a place away from my families, friends and from my country. I love all kinds of music.

I enjoy listening to experts in this field coz I learn from them. My works may not be as awesome as others creation but I am proud of it.
I do not even own a decent gear to begin with, just a simple software and a midi and a mac but I got the biggest radio studio booth all over VN.

I am open for any criticisms and constructive suggestions… that’s how we learn.
Cheers, Enjoy Life Enjoy Music.