Neberu Nebiru

Acupuncturist in Earthquakes, Nieuw-Zeeland

Neberu Nebiru

Acupuncturist in Earthquakes, Nieuw-Zeeland

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True friendships are very sparse. In addition, there are a lot of greedy people who want sadly only take and nothing or very little return, these are the hoppers where people have nothing and no one wants to share friendship.

One must learn to recognize these people and stop this friendship because by extending this friendship one asks for unanswered discomfort, pain, and sorrow.

Friendship has to come from both sides because there must be an exchange and not unidirectional like this often occurs.

Everyone has the right of self-defense, self-preservation, and freedom of expression.

Life is a gift of nature. Love your neighbor, because every human being is equal and has the right to life.

Therefore, people dare to stand up for yourself and live, because there is nothing there above, and if there is a benevolent power.. or something up there, man can as yet know nothing. Without God, man will live anyway by the generosity of Nature.

By the Vishnuh-Society

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