Ayer Loyen

My days started in 2006 in Second Life. It started as an odd experience but as I begun meeting people turned out to be a very interesting experience.

Then I decided to get two big swords and moved into some action in a crusade against evil orcs and goblins, and not so evil wolves and boars, in Middle earth in early 2008. Since then I have been slowly moving to the east in an everlasting quest for glory, new swords and armour, shards, tokens, more tokens, the new tokens, the newer tokens... Well I am still there but somehow I decided to sit in Stangard and wait until I can get hold of a war steed and roam the plains of Rohan.

In the meantime, I have been closely following the news about a new war in Tyria against an elder dragon who seems about to wake up from his sleep. I will be there on August 2012, armed with my power over the elements, ready to bring my part to that struggle.