Ayesha Ahmad


Not just another 17-year old. I'm a miracle.

This is what most of my bio's across social media state. Maybe because I still don't know who I am; I'm slowly discovering and unraveling myself or maybe due to the simple fact that I love myself. I totally, completely believe that self-love makes us indestructible. Books are synonymous to life, and so is wordplay. There are times I believe Ed Sheeran and Coldplay understand my moods even better than I do. I'm not a foodie but I love chocolates and icecream. I mean, who doesn't?

Someone I'd never talked to before said that I inspire her, I swear that has been my biggest piece of inspiration till date. I'm a highly social person, I can't stay without people. I love talking, I can talk continuously for hours. I'm interested in people, I love making new friends. Almost everything about our world interests me. If find you intriguing, you’ll know the crazy and the bright side of me. I hate small talks. I hate talking about the weather, food, or how life is doing. I like to talk about challenges, the myths and legends, deepest scars on the soul and above all, I like to relate the universe and its moving power. It’s fun to talk outside the box. I also love making people feel special and I have a thing for long, warm messages. Also, phone calls over text messages, anyday.

I’m an atheist? Nope. I need something to rely on, some source where I can go back to in hard times, and thank in good ones, and I know, Allah is peaceful. I'm fundamentally an optimist. I believe heartbreaks, in any form, whatsoever, are inevitable. And maybe that's how the light creeps in through the bends and creaks and make us all shine a little brighter.

So, Hello there ! I'm your regular 17 year old with irregular ambitions. I'm Ayesha Ahmad, you all might know me as Shasha. A student of Class 12, Humanities and I plan on studying Psychology. Yes, I find it rather fascinating to study human mind. My sources to fulfil my desires. I also have a long bucket list but then, we all do, don't we?

Ever wanted to talk to someone while sipping dark coffee about your fear or ambitions, or maybe daydreams, then I'm the person. And now you know, that I'm just a regular girl with a bit of madness. I'm just another brick in the wall. I'm a speck of stardust in the void. Well now you know me, you know where to find me. Till then cheers to life ! ;)

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