Ayesha Ewing

Student, Writer, and Coach in Chicago, Illinois

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Ayesha is a native of the St. Louis area in Missouri. Although she spent her childhood there, she ventured off just five hours, to Chicago, to attend DePaul University. During her undergraduate career Ayesha pursued a Bachelor's degree in Communication & Media as well as PRAD (Public Relations & Advertising).

During her undergraduate career, Ayesha competed as a track and field sprinter. She only slowed down when it was time to conclude her undergraduate collegiate journey in June of 2015.

Ayesha Ewing is a current graduate student at DePaul University. Part of the 5-Year Program, Ayesha began her graduate studies in Digital Communication and Media Arts during her last year as an undergraduate student. She'll be graduating in June 2016 and looking for a career and location to call home.

Interested in all things marketing, Ayesha has spent much of her collegiate career developing and sharpening her skills in the field. From internships, to networking events and plenty of coursework, Ayesha has worked really hard and wants to go into market research when she walks across the stage for the last time.

In addition to Ayesha's academic status, she spends most of her time at track practice helping coach DePaul's Track and Field sprinters. That's right, Ayesha is the current graduate assistant coach of the DePaul's Track and Field team where she not only helps athletes reach their potential athletically, but academically and personally as well.

When she's not writing academic papers, Ayesha indulges in poetry writing that frequents topics about her life experiences, her culture and historical hardships. She prides herself on the fact that her poems always tell stories rich with metaphors and clever word play.

In her spare time Ayesha enjoys reading all types of fictional literature. She favors romance novels as well as novels about African-American life. A few of her favorite authors are J. California Cooper, Toni Morrison, and Pearl Cleage.