Ayesha Thapar

New Delhi

Ayesha Thapar is the Managing Director of Indian City Properties Ltd. (“ICP”). ICP is the real estate arm of the KCT Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates with interests in several sectors including bulk commodities, infrastructure, capital and engineering goods, aquaculture and real estate development.
A Class of 2000 economics and mathematics graduate from Wellesley College, Ayesha moved back to India and joined ICP in 2008. Since then has concentrated her attention on re-evaluating the strategic ambitions of the company, implementing an operational framework and establishing a culture of collaboration and transparency that sits at the heart of ICP’s company vision.
When Ayesha became the Managing Director in 2009, ICP was more of a landlord than a developer of real estate; it had no distinct long term strategy and a limited vision. Over the last five years, under Ayesha’s leadership, ICP has defined and implemented a clear strategic vision. This vision is to become a leading developer of high-end real estate with a portfolio of residential and commercial assets across India. ICP partners with renowned architects and interior design firms to create high-end iconic and landmark developments that use superior quality, innovative design and sustainable architecture.
In addition to her role at ICP, she is a director of The Waterbase Ltd. and Integrated Realty Private Ltd. She loves to paint and has a jewelry line to her name. Before joining ICP, Ayesha launched her own business and was the CEO of a Telecom VOIP company (Tel3) in the US for five years. She is the great grand-daughter of Karam Chand Thapar, the founder of the Thapar Group. Her father, Vikram Thapar is Chairman and Managing Director of KCT Group of Companies.

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