Aylin Kip

Berlin, Germany

Even though I'm a skilled cross-media journalist, I like to consider myself as a writer. Since I know myself I tend to observe everything impartially from the writer's point of view, often catching myself already writing in my head while being still in the situation. I'm absolutely into philosophical literature, music with focus on the lyrics, photography from new perspectives, current affairs, media - even though I have so much to criticize about it - well, obviously writing and the love in search of words!

Short Biography: At the age 25 I have already traveled 5 continents, been to more than 200 concerts & festivals and have worked for several renowned media companies. I just came back from a life changing trip to Asia where I lived for a year working as a dive instructor, volunteer english teacher and freelance journalist. At the moment I try to settle down in Berlin though I've got itchy feet again..

  • Work
    • Journalism
  • Education
    • college graduate