Charla Aylsworth

San Diego, California

I'm a reformed prefectionist with a husband and two young adult daughters whose lives are mcuh easier since I've made my escape from Planet Perfection. The irony of this is by fiving up this rediculous edea of perfection has actually made things more perfect.

Random Fun Facts...

I love organizing and have been known to open a recently detailed fridge, closet or drawer just to admire the view.

I'm crazy about my Westie Libby, but am not deen at all about dog hair. Go figure.

Orginnally from Kansas City, Mo. I've called North County San Diego home for the last 25 years but still can't bring myself to use the word "dude"

What I know for sure: Volunteering is the best thing you can do to get out of your own way

  • Work
    • Real Estate Agent with Real Estate ebroker
  • Education
    • BA Arizona State University