Ayman Qarout


Entrepreneur, tech-savvy, Online Community Managet at WebTeb and co-founder of Bazinga!. I love to explore digital galaxies, and I believe the only skills necessary are creativity and innovation.

I help businesses layout their social media marketing strategies, use social media to reach their target segments, adjust to the new social media world and get the most of it.

I helped several companies in Palestine to build their social media presence and strategies, including Jawwal, Bank of Palestine, UCI (Tabo), WorldVision & Hadara Technologies.

I gave a speech at Campus Party Milenio in Spain about innovation, social media and entrepreneurship, presenting our startup, Bazinga Ramallah, a startup catalyst that facilitates the process of building a startup in Palestine. You can watch my speech here & here.

Want to know more about me? I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration & Marketing from Birzeit University, I've volunteered in PaleXO community, helping in applying XO laptops of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) in schools.

I love traveling; I've been to Jordan, Spain & UAE so far, but I wish to visit more soon inshallah.

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    • Social Media Strategist