Ayman van Bregt

I assist companies in creating more value for customers supported by digital resources, to strengthen the relationship with customers and getting new insights.

I am a digital strategist and entrepreneur in the Dutch creative industries.
My core business is to develop concepts, consult and train
at the intersection of marketing & communications and Internet & new media.
I have founded a number of private initiatives including Pytch, Vroege Vogel
and the first Dutch Social Media Academy (NSMA).

In February 2010 Pytch was launched as the platform for the Dutch creative industries
to connect, to portrait and inspire entrepreneurs, kickstarters, pioneers and startups.

In October 2010, Vroege Vogel (@vroegevogel) was launched as shopping guide
hunting for cool stuff and products via Twitter (social commerce).

In June 2011 Nederlandse Social Media Academie (NSMA) was
the first Dutch Social Media Academy for social media in business.
NSMA offers ebooks for entrepreneurs and business men varying from a starting level
uptil advanced level for platforms like Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter.