ASEAN Youth Network in Japan

ASEAN Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ) was established on 30 April 2006, formed by the ASEAN youth and student organizations in Japan, to enhance the active participation of ASEAN youth in the future development and progress of both ASEAN and Japan. Therefore, missions and objectives have been made based on the concept such as to foster teamwork, to create environment for promoting and developing creativity, responsibility and finally strong partnerships with the aim of realizing ASEAN's vision in peace, progress and prosperity. The special system of this network is that run under chairmanship where 3 committee members of each organization will represent in the network, which in turn will be managed by an Executive Council where the office-bearers will take position in rotation. 1st ASEAN Festival was the most remarkably event held by AYNJ to help in tightening the relation between ASEAN youth in Japan and to place positively the future relation of the ASEAN and Japan. *logo by Jon P. Altamirano of the Phillipines (AYNJ Logo Contest,17 June 2007)