Ayodeji Ajomo

Teacher, Writer, and Volunteer in Nigeria

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Prince Emmanuel Ayodeji Ajomo, a Nigerian born, and proud to be, given our repute. A believer on positive thinking, conscious/inspirational speaker, a realist and a lover of humanity.

Manager group head OtHeLi and project iMPrinT

I have over the years, for about thirty, been able to think, I have learnt that life is very important with perception in play, and in all, i know that positive perception in all the mist, is the only way out of all the unanswered QUESTIONS, and for these to be attained, we have to work with principles laid down, not by us but by people long before us.

this principles come in different forms, in religion, in beliefs and in Man’s way of living. Part of my studies have shown that we were made to always adapt to the situation we find ourselves, so man is a changing being and change is the only thing constant. One fact everybody in the world finds agreeable. I believe that if an agreeable point can be reach in the world of today, many emotions will be rendered useless, sure emotions as HATE, ANGER, SELFISHNESS and so on.

I have a believe that if we think positive and put people first before ourselves, this world will be a better place, but how can we do that? when we are made to be selfish. i, from my own understanding believe that the only difference between GOD and man is the spirit of SELFISHNESS. We where made in his own image, not the exact copy, so i got to think, “WHAT WAS THE ERROR?” in my thoughts i came to selfishness.

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