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ayoka chenzira



I am an artist who creates films and interactive digital media projects. I enjoy working with the moving image regardless of it the image is made with a high-end camera or a toy camera.

During my formative years I was interested in film as an art form. This means that I was interested in experimental filmmaking and expanding the concept of cinema. In addition to shooting film (actual celluloid), I hand colored it, bleached it to change the color of the images and attached things to its surface before running it through a projector. Those were great days!

These days I remain in filmmaking as an art form and think that experimentation is important (that’s where I come up with new ideas).

I now create films designed for movie theaters as well as for the web. I also create interactive films that include games, interactive installations that are shown in public spaces, and interactive digital media tabletops . I've been fortunate in that I have been invited to show my work in different parts of the world. I enjoy interacting with people and learning new ways to consider what it means to be in the world.

What do I do for fun? I love hanging out with my husband, eating his cooking, global travel, photography, riding my motorcycle and laughing out loud.

  • Education
    • Georgia Tech, Columbia University, New York University