Yosa Suryadi

Surabaya, Indonesia

His fascination for art, fashion and photography begins when he was in junior high. He started by designing for his school year book, photographing his friends and designing his own clothes as hobby.

He then pursued his passion in photography by taking a bachelor degree in Edith Cowan University, Perth - Western Australia.

In late 2009 he came back to his home country in Jakarta, Indonesia. A year later he established himself as a professional photographer known as Alexander Yosa Photography and he's still passionate than ever creating these beautiful images for his overseas and local clients.

2012 - present, he's now happily married to a beautiful woman, love of his life and moved from his hometown; Jakarta to Surabaya, Indonesia to continue his business as a freelance photographer and designer.

His life has never been more fuller than ever, that now he is closer to God, serving Him in church and more greatful each day with every blessings that he received; his health, skills and talents.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Creative: Photomedia