Ayo Sogunro

Lagos, Nigeria

Ayo Sogunro is the author of Everything in Nigeria is Going To Kill You, and The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales as well as other books. A seasoned lawyer, social critic, and philosopher, Ayo Sogunro has keen interest in creative writing.

In his active years of social engagement, Ayo Sogunro has not been hesitant to tackle critical issues in Nigeria through his essays, poetry and stories.

His writings, which are widely read, have earned him references in both local and international media. A number of his works can be accessed directly on his personal website, www.ayosogunro.com .

Ayo Sogunro is currently resident in Lagos, Nigeria. Interact with him directly on twitter via @ayosogunro.

  • Work
    • Writer, Lawyer, Blogger
  • Education
    • University of Lagos