Ayoub Kallel

I am a young Tunisian entrepreneur, an IT researcher specializing in Pervasive Computing, Web developer and Graphic designer. Currently, I am working on different IT projects, among them a solution for diabetics, a ride-sharing solution, and an electronic magazine. I also do Business Coaching and Consulting, I work with start-ups and enterprises in Tunisia and abroad (I currently have clients in Ukraine, USA, Ireland, Romania, India and England). I do Life Coaching for some private clients as well. I am also a Speaker, I gave speeches at the ULT, BIL: LTRadès, BIL: FST and Ignite Tunis. I speak especially of Entrepreneurship and Business.

Skills: Sales, Marketing, Management, Budgeting, Growth hacking, SEO, Automation, Outsourcing, Brand building, Public Speaking, Networking, Consulting, Writing, Leadership, Web development, Video Editing, Graphic Design, 3D Animations, Translation. Avid Reader and Fast Learner.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you with anything.