Ayoub Kallel

Certified Coach and Trainer, Consultant, and CEO in Tunis, Tunisia

I'm a certified ICI & PCM® Coach with 500+ hours of coaching logged for 2300+ individuals, as well as a certified NLP Practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist, and a certifiedProcess Communication Model® Trainer. I’ve worked with the GIZ as a consultant to coach project owners in internal Tunisian regions, as well as the E.U. on the Netkite project as a Business Coach and Mentor. I've been a jury in Hult Prize and StartUp Weekend. I also work with NGOs such as Mercy Corps, Wallah We Can, SUST and TAD. I give workshops both nationally and internationally on business-related topics and soft-skills. I am also a Speaker with 40+ speeches so far including a TEDx Talk, and 22+ interviews and media appearances (TV and Radio). And finally, I am the CEO of THEOS Solutions, an IT company, and the co-founder of TuniSchool, an E-learning platform for Highschool students.

Let me know if you need coaching / training, or if I can help you with anything!