Muhammad Ayoub

It's been a long time ago since I've written anything about me, I'm a utopian dreamer, a perfect city seeker, a human who pursuits salvation, an endeavour who is trying hard to be perfect, though he won't be, this is me.

Nothing to mention, so boring, miserable, terrible, ordinary life, BUT I'm HAPPY, & that's enough for me to sleep satisfied, hoping that God The Almighty may spread out for me of His mercy.

For living, I'm a pharmacist, ... it goes easy on me :)

I was born in November, geographically, November is one of autumn's months, BUT .....

According to MY calendar, it's the begining of MY Winter, ... so, I like Winter, I like the rain & the sky after raining - you look at it to be sure - streets are empty, everyone is home, no one is out, this is my favourite time of the whole year, though my hands go like two pieces of ice, but I feel a pleasant overwhelming inner warmness.