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is a African Brasilian martial art form, combining self-defence, acrobatics, dance, music and song. It was developed by slaves who used it to disguise the fact that they were practising fight moves.

(About this Group Capoeira Mogador)
Capoeira Mogador is the best dancing group. They are self educated Capoeirists, learnt just from the videos they watch and practice afterwards. The real professional Brazilian dancers were amazed for what they have seen from these young mature Moroccan Capoeirists. They are originally from Morocco, mean they perform something linked to their Afro-Moroccan culture and background. Most of all they like what they do and believe in that heartily. When you believe in something you just engage heart and soul, that what's these young people do prove. They are apt physically and psychologically to assume and absorb the very rules of the Capoeira. Young and full of beans to the point they don't just get tired of performing over and over again. They are just standing with their Capoeira.
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