Ali Young

Hello parents,

My name is Alexandria Young. I am 25 years old and this is my first year of teaching. Having my own child now I understand how a parent feels when sending their children to school. Whether the student attending my class is your first child or your fifth, I want you to know that they are in good hands.

I got my Early Childhood Education degree from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. This degree allows me to teach children anywhere from birth to the third grade. I have been working with children my entire life. My mom owned an in home daycare when I was young and has been a teacher ever since then. So I guess you could say the profession runs in the family. I started working at a daycare with babies and two-year olds when I was 16 and continued to until I was 19. This is when I made my way to MSU.

My goal as your child's teacher is to give them the best environment possible and allow them the chance to succeed. And I believe, with your help, that we can make this happen! My blog is for you, the parents. I would appreciate any of your commentary and feedback!

Thank you!