Ashraf Youssef

Illinois, USA

President and founder of AYPharma Safety Consulting, with a vision of adding value through knowledge of drug safety and a mission to provide services that enhances the process of drug approval with a focus on all aspects of safety. Support multiple pharmaceutical clients safety needs.

Mentored colleagues in Pharmacovigilance and in running marathons.

An invited speaker and a moderator on numerous topics on non-clinical, clinical and business aspects of drug safety. Topics expanded from "value of animal models for pediatric clinical trials, Pharmacovigilance expertise in the process of drug-in licensing, ethics in the conduct of medical research, impact of genetic features on the outcome of cardiac arrythmia".

  • Work
    • President, AYPharma Safety Consulting, LLC
  • Education
    • MD, PhD, Board Certified in Toxicology, MBA