Aditya Prasad


My name is Aditya (my friends call me ADI), I work as a Chief Evangelist @ Perfios (The most advanced money manager software in India). I am a big movie buff, watch all Hindi and mostly all English movies that open up in a multiplex near me.

I also review all the movies that I watch, yes I write reviews for movies and they are widely read. You can read them here:

I travel a lot, right now within India but soon would be moving across the globe and you bet I will write travelogues as well. Am a big Ladakh fan and have written many blogs about Ladakh and all the regions to visit within.

To ensure I get regular stream of money coming in I work at as a business development manager, sales head, user interface expert, user interaction initiatives head. In short am the Chief Evangelist.

  • Work
    • Perfios Software Solutions
  • Education
    • MBA