Siti Azhyra Dwi Ayu


Just call me Ayu for short. Since I'm not really good at making paragraphs, I guess I'm just gonna make list of facts about me. Okay, so here we go.

a girl (just in case you guys are wondering)

a moslem and I'm proud of it

live somewhere in Indonesia

an undergraduate student at University of Indonesia, major in Biology

I love animals! Especially fellids and bears♥

have this weird obsession over dragons ;-;

dream job : working with big cats :3 I will do anything to defend their existence

cakes♥ breads♥ pastries♥ ice creams♥ chocolate♥ milk♥ coffee♥ pizza♥ crepes♥ pancakes♥ sushi♥ anything sweet, anything that's yummy♥

my taste of music is.... something. I like kpop, I like khiphop, I like oldies songs, I like these-days songs, from any genre, wtv. I like classic songs, too. Or should I say it, piece?

just entered into HTTYD fandom. I watched its movies but I also read the book series. Don't favor over anything but I SHIP HICCSTRID WAY TOO HARD THAN HICCAMI #sorry

I have tumblr, dedicated to my fangirl life. And to ramble sometimes about my life. Mostly my rambles are about my crush ㅋㅋㅋ

I can't write because writing is not my thing ;_; I mean, write a story or a fanfic or a poem.

I used to play piano but I stopped the lesson when I was 12yo or something because I have to prepare for my first national exam :( screw the government

I have a problem with procrastination 'cause I think I have brought it to another level, lil bit higher, and it's start to worrying me...

I can't write, that's why I read books. My favorite kind of book is children's story or children's fictional story (very amusing, I know) and I like to read comics, too. Do you read Tintin? Because I do! How about The Famous Five? Oh who does not envy them?? They have like, this great life experiences even just as teenagers! And don't forget Cressida Cowell's How To Train Your Dragon book series :3 and many many many other children's stories. My favorite genre is adventure. Because I don't give a shit about love or romance life.

I. Hate. Ghosts. Stories or movies. Hate them. So much. If you want to still alive, better not tell a ghost story or play a scary movie in front of me.

MARVEL! I like Marvel. I prefer Marvel than DC Comics (sorry to all DC Comics fans out there).

I love

  • Education
    • University of Indonesia