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Ayu Kusumaningrum


Hello, there!

For starters, Let me introduce myself. My name is Ayu Kusumaningrum, but most people call me: Arum ( No, I have no surnames, Indonesians don't use surnames, as far as I know). I'm a proud Indonesian hijabi. I'm currently a Psychology major in Sebelas Maret University.

I'm lively, kind of witty, talkative, bubbly, random at times, a bit unpredictable, and carefree. I also one of those people who dislike to complicate things. Seriously, I think life will be so much easier if we don't complicate it.

Other than being an ordinary university student with a mundane life, I'm also a bookworm, hopeless romantic, fangirl, Janeite, Sherlockian, peppermint connoisseur, and an occasional knitter.

Things that I fancy are: gorgeous orange sky, polka dots, food, Hello Kitty, all kinds of tea (Yes, I prefer tea to coffee anyday), classical music, classic literature, knitting, and period drama series and movies. My favorite colors are green and lavender ( all light colors will do, though).

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!

Yours Sincerely,


  • Education
    • Sebelas Maret University