West Yorkshire

I am Japanese, I was born and grew up in Japan.
AYUMIBE is my nick name.
I have been in the UK for three years and am still learning English.
I often make people confused with my ‘pigeon’ English.. sorry everyone.
I love learning about British culture and local dialects; also I love watching TV shows about ‘gardening’,’animals’ and ‘police’ (usually on PICK TV, haha) where I can get to know about British society and culture include swearing…thank you!

My theory is ’When in Rome do as the Romans do’.
I respect people, culture and country where I live, that is Britain for me.
The culture is almost close to the Japanese one, like the mannerisms are similar but there are completely different points too. It is interesting and funny to me.
These interesting feelings are making me draw pictures!
I have never learnt about art so my picture’s perspectives are wrong sometimes or most of times. I just loved to draw pictures on text books at school and loved to read comics when I was younger.
I am not an artist, I am just a skateboarder. (and I am obsessed with gardening at the moment!)

About my wordpress page; please click the black box next to the title and you can see the ‘Categories’ in the pull-down menu then choose whatever you want to see. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Thank you for visiting my page.