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Nemarie "Ayumimarie" Gandas

General Santos City, Philippines

Hi you guys!

hmmm.. I dunno what to tell about myself or jst how to start it.. hmmm lets try. here it goes.

My name is Nemarie Layog Gandas, I'd prefer if you'll call me Marie. I'm the youngest in the family, I have two elder sisters and a brother. I'm sort of a uhmm, spoiled by my sissies... youngest ehh? My zodiac is Pisces, Hmm.. now it's up to you to guess when's my birthday *u*

Naturally, i'm a dreamer... When I was in High School and in College, well.. I used to have this daydreaming... bout anything! A scene just puff in my mind and I can make stories out of it. Now that i'm working on my career already, I just somehow lost this wild imagination of mine. Kinda miss those :- ( but now i'm just so busy to make stories an plots anymore. In some time... my mind flew into somewhere and I can make a plot, but I'm just lazy to write it down.

I can tell that I'm ugly... mwahaaha! well I guess so.. but I love myself that's why I feel beautiful. What you think? huh? I love dressing up... well maybe a friend had influenced me. I was once a bookworm, a neird? weird? loner and quite imaginative. but now i've change, I became lazy. haha! Nah.. I just went to see the other side of the world, making friends with people i'm aloof with before, dressing up, having chitchats, going out with some people

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