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Yooo, I guess since I'm running an RP blog I should write about rules, my muse (the person I'm rping) and myself. OTL

First off let me introduce myself. I'm a simple feller. My main IG account is Minakoarisatan and as for a a name you'd like to call me, the mun/admin, anything will do! ( heck you can call me buttfuck). I absolutely love to draw and I draw my muse a lot. Obviously I love persona, I've been into it since I was around 11. I'm not good at themes or a very fancy writer, but I like RP so I'll really hope you'll tolerate my presence. I have no idea how to run an RP account on Instagram really, so if you have tips IM ALL EARS PLS. Most importantly you should know that I'm very shy and sometimes I may get anxious since I haven't Rped online in years.

My muse, well obviously, is a fan made FeMC for p4. I fell in love with Minako and adore Maya and I just really wanted another femc so I made myself one. I've had her for about a year now and only shared the concept with friends. I've also scraped a lot of persona designs for her, since Izanagi sounded stupid. (Since the persona represents masculinity, and femc isn't) Originally I was going to go with a persona based off of Ebisu, Izanami and Izanagi's first child. Izanami and Izanagi swapping roles was an idea that I decided to use after talking to an artist who also made a femc. I decided it would be more interesting and fun that way. :> She's not a carbon copy of Souji/Yu/MC as a girl, but still, lot of inspiration came from him. If you wanna see her as a gender swap though, that's fine too. Her bio will be at the bottom for easy access but I'm not sure if I'll even post enough for it to be hidden l m a o.

Finally, my rules for RP I guess. I'm not sure what I won't do, but if I'm uncomfortable I will decline. I'll do mostly anything you suggest though. I love litterate RPs the best.(I'm usually lazy and type about 2 paragraphs)Whatever you're comfortable with is fine. I'm pretty lax with any account RPing with me and I'm ok with smut or whatever you kiddies call it these days. If you're interested hit me up over DMs or whatever. I hope anyone who finds themselves here is comfortable and having fun! :,>

That's all! If you read this whole thing, go get yourself a gold star.

My muse's bio! : https://instagram.com/p/BFcwXOjr1_o/