Tikaani Moon

Writer and Nursing Assistant in Columbia Heights, Minnesota

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I'm a new living doll named Sweet Pea. Everyday I dress in cute, doll like clothing, and have made a career out of it. Despite this, I am a business oriented individual who is also an assistant to a well respected businesswoman. I am also the co-founder of a nonprofit business/store/organization which will be announced on television soon. I work at Prohealth-Care. I'm also a blogger and writer who plans to publish and take all of my business in Japan.

The author behind the image prefers to take their writing to a more professional level and will be upgrading the trademark for a more business theme. They have created over 40 novels (Many of the fiction genre but not all fiction, several are Action, Horror, Fantasy, Steampunk, Historical Fiction and Mystery/Crime. Mostly cross-genres), 3 manga stories ( 2 full Shounen series, 1 Shoujo. In full mangaka tradition), and a few screenplays (Historical). To view all that I write: http://tikaanimoon1.deviantart.com/journal/Upcoming-Works-What-I-Write-488166542

In addition, I write games for mobile devices, PC and for consoles. Ever since I moved into a haunted house and continue to live in it, I have also decided to become a paranormal researcher.

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