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✨About me✨

🌌Prince of the stars🌌

-I draw not a lot but when I do I just like sharing doodles,iscribble sessions,and just some things i really like(My art account @Sinnimin00 on ig)

-I like posting about a game called Battle high school girls,Fire emblem heros, Love Live, and etc

-I own an ps4,xbox one,xbox 360,pc,and I really wish I had the swtich. I have older systems like the n64,game cube, game boy,ds lite. I have the older version of the 3ds

-If I end up flooding your profiles with likes.

✖️Nicely ask me to refrain stop doing so.

-I'm a prince,ha ha No need to assume I wish to be called by he/them/they. If your a mutual then you may call me by she.

-If you an semi active account you may follow. If you are a spam or advertising account I'll block you. Thanks for understanding!!

-I Post vents,dailystuff like that, and I try to post more on my art account

-Don't expect too much from me!! I live a life so I don't always post regularly


Super sonico

Vert(Hyper dimension neptunia)

Charlotte(fire emblem)

Felicia(fire emblem)

Corrin or Kamui(Fire emblem)

Blanc (Neptunia)

Love live Waifu's





💕Thanks for reading!! Dm me a picture of Galaxy if you read this~!💕