Szombathely, Hungary

My name is Anett Horváth -online known as Ayunett - , I am 24 years old and live in Szombathely, Hungary, Central-East Europe. I am a MSc student, studying business and marketing. I am a TV series/show junkie, shoe fanatic, rhytmic music lover, and also happen to be an Ex-Ballroom and Latin dancer. In my online life, I write a female “LiveJournal” blog about TV shows, mostly tough women are interested in. If you feel interested, click here to read my journal.

Now I am studying MSc “International Economic Relations – Marketing and Consumer Insight” at the FH Burgenland, University of Applied Sciences, Eisenstadt, Austria. I studied BSc “Business Administration – Business Communication” at the Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary.

I run a Hungarian enterprise with my family in the building industry. Its profile is selling building supplies, mostly for family housing. As it is not a big company, I have the opportunity to follow the “supply chain process” from the beginning to the end. Disadvantage, however, that I can’t specialize myself in one of these areas here. Despite of it, I feel quite satisfied. As my mother always says, “I am the boss of myself”, which is rather convenient for me to stay in the family business.

In my free-time, I usually watch TV shows and go for a bike ride into the nature. Spinning has become my favorite fitness-room activity in the past years. I used to dance professionally (10 years- ballroom, latin, formation). I won National Championships and also have medals from European Championships. I suppose, Dancing is a good way to learn how to work in pairs and groups.

I started blogging when I was 15. Writing my thoughts has always helped me handle the tough situations and see more clearly. My personal blog has slowly become a “TV Show Community” site where online friends and me discuss about TV shows’ episodes and write together fanfictions.

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