Sonia Lloyd

Sonia is the creator & co - founder of Rasasara Skinfood, an organic range of Ayurvedic skincare products. Rasasara's products are hand made & sold in health food stores, online or via natural therapists in Australia & Hong Kong. The products are developed according to ayurvedic principles & are entirely edible as Ayurveda advises " if you cant eat it then don't put it on your face". Sonia loves working with people & introducing them to Ayurveda & the amazing results that Ayurvedic skincare offers for our health & beauty, she facilatates Ayurvedic skincare workshops regularly. The power of self love & reconnecting with the self, combined consciously with the sense of touch & smell via medicated oils & herbs, work quickly to restore balance & integrity to the skin, our bodies largest organ. Sonia believes in the Ayurvedic principle that the body is innately intelligent & that when we work with the "laws of nature" which are governed by this intelligence we are enabled to heal commonly experienced skin ailments & imbalances such as acne rosacea, psoriasis, inflammation, dryness or simply an oily T-zone, very quickly, with ease, or too much expense - most of the ingredients used in Rasasara's products can be found in your kitchen cupboard or fridge.

Sonia also Teaches ACI Courses at The Diamond Light Buddhist Study Centre in Melbourne Australia. These exceptional teacher training courses were first taught by Geshe Michael Roach & are available freely on line at the The Knowledge - 18 courses & other realted teachings are available (including audio). Geshe hla offers the traditional monastic training of a Geshe in the Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhist school; they are suitable for anyone interested in gaining a solid Buddhist education.

She would like to openly thank all Her kind & perfect teachers for every goodness that she sees in Her world & herself. Thank you for coming to teach me! Please stay & Please continue to Teach.