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Brookelynn Espegard

Minneapolis, Mn

I am here to live, to love and to share some fun facts I have learned along the way.

I live in the northern tundra of Minneapolis with the love of my life and our baby, Dude (she's a corgi.. but she doesn't know that).

Outside of making soup, tending fires and cuddling, I have created a career of sharing the teachings of Tantric Yoga and Ayurveda privately and in group classes with students both in person and through an online platform AS WELL as owning a yoga studio here in the Twin Cities.

I geek out over seeing other people benefit from these incredible and timeless teachings. I feel that part of my Dharma (life's purpose, not the wife of Greg) is to share these teachings in an accessible and approachable way so that we may all be touched by the light that is the tradition of Yoga!

  • Work
    •, Girasole Yoga
  • Education
    • Yoga Sadhana Yoga Therapist, 500 ERYT,
    • AYS- Ayurveda-Yoga Specialist