Ayush Aggarwal

Geoinformatics, Social Media, and Software Engineer in Bengaluru, India

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Exploring world in Creative and Logical way ;) IIT Kanpur <3 Travelling Vibe :D Naruto Fan :) Map Buff <3 Music Lover :D Internet Junkie :), Snapchat - ayushaggar, www.ayushaggarwal.in/

I have more than two years of professional experience in applying Geoinformatics to different areas. I have a wide technical skill set including Machine learning, Image processing, Photoshop and my favorite Gamification. I have gained understanding of local government & how much Geo plays a role.

I like everything that is uncommon and manage it. I take things as they come and enjoy having a good time. I think myself as lively, fun to be with, and good-humored.

You can find me anywhere, just ping me :)

  • Work
    • Transerve Technologies
  • Education
    • IIIT Kanpur
    • Leibniz University of Hanover
    • St. Teresa Academy