Ayushmaan Kapoor

#Founder, #Technology, and #Strategy in New Delhi, India

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"I knew that if I failed there would be no regrets, but one thing I know is that I might regret not trying."

Well, it is always hard to write about oneself. What I do know is that I am self-motivated and cheerful, with a passion for technology. That's one major reason why I started my job as a Software Engineer.

Understanding and building software technology is one thing, but to sell /advertise/market it is a different ball game altogether. This piqued my interest. How can the technology be sold to the user ? How do I convince the customer that what I have developed would be useful to him? This fascinated me and that's when I realized that I needed to change my career line.

Some of the key learning in my modest experience - some learned the hard way and others the easy way has been that:

1. Life is hard, face your problems head on and fight. Life becomes wonderful when you fight for your problems.

2. Know when to talk. Communication is good , but in my experience communicating when required is better. It's beneficial to be a good listener as well.

3. Frame your ideas in order, along with proper thought keeping all the pros and cons in mind.

4. Always live in the present. Learn from the past and aim for the future but do not live in either as you might miss something wonderful today.

5. Everyone is different. Learn to adjust at work. Personal opinions and Professional conduct(behavior) need to be separate.

6. If you are right then stand up for it – and never back down !

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